Production/Recording/Mixing Projects:
• "Light Waves" EP by Impulse ResponseVocals, keyboards, programming, songwritter, recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, & co-producer.
• "Love is Love EP" by The Soul Shakers: Vocals & keyboards, songwritter, recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, & co-producer.
• "The Killer Whale Who Changed the World" Audio Book by Mark-Leiren-Young: Recording engineer, mixing engineer, & mastering engineer.
Studio Services Offered:
• Producing, recording, and mixing solo artists, bands, & vocal groups/choirs.
• Compositions/arrangements/scores/sound design for film & television, live theatre, and other audio projects.
• Singing & keyboard playing on sessions.
• Recording podcasts & audiobooks.
• Event audio recordings & feild recordings.
• Recording tape & vinyl to digital formats (CD, WAV, mp3 etc).
Studio Gear:
• Pro Tools 12 software.
• Logic Pro X software.
• Mainstage 3 software.
• MacBook Pro.
• Adam A7 monitors.
• Universal Audio Apollo 8p & Apollo Twin audio interfaces with Neve, API, Manley, and Universal Audio Unison preamp technology (10 inputs, 4 headphone mixes).
• Muliple headphone options (including Sennheiser HD-280 Professional, AKG K240, & AKG K-55 stereo headphones).
• 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier.
• Neumann U87 Ai microphone.
• Rhode NT1-A microphones (2 - matched pair).
• Sennheiser MD 441 U microphone.
• Shure SM7B microphone.
• Shure SM 58 microphones (3).
• Shure SM 57 microphones (2).
• Hammond M3 organ & Leslie rotary speaker.
• Fender Rhodes Stage Piano.
• Korg Stage Vintage SV-1 keyboard (88 keys).
• Roland V-Combo VR-09 organ focused keyboard (61 keys with drawbars).
• Roland Juno-Di Synth (61 keys).
• Roland XP-50 keyboard (61 keys, including 4 expansion boards).
• Roland A-90 keyboard (88 keys, including piano expanion board).
• Roland KC-550 keyboard amp.
• Fender GC23S accoustic guitar.
• Yamaha Hand Made GC-6D nylon string classical guitar.
• Pearl Forum drum kit (kick, snare, 2 rack toms, 1 floor tom, hi-hats, crash/ride cymbals).
• 8" djembe.
• Rainstick.
• Hitachi Direct Drive Turntable.
• Many plugin effects software collections from Universal Audio (UAD), Waves, Soundtoys, iZotope (Ozone and more), Softube, Celemony (melodyne) and more...
• Virtual instrument collections including "Ivory" & "Pianoteq" (pianos), "Scarbee" organs & EPs, "Trillian" (basses), "Superior Drummer" (drums), "Albion" (orchestral strings & horns), "Session Horns Pro" etc.
• More gear options available...



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